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Peyman Group [714] 496-8466 Mechanical Consultant Engineering in Orange County, CA Peyman Group co-ventures as an independent contractor company for designing of design/build projects.

Our design team strives to understand your project culture first, and then proceeds with innovative ideas that will trigger positive financial results for you. We want to know what is important to our clients before recommending engineering solutions.

Our professional design engineers have the required experience to provide you with the correct guidance and are trained to the highest standard.

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   Design Build Projects in California - [714] 496-8466

Our design-build engineering services are as follows:

Mechanical engineering solutions for functional requirements.

Equipment selection and specification preparation.

Concept design, schematic design, as-built CAD drawings on completion.

Preparing operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals.

The result of our engineering services is a state of the art building design that meets your construction and operating budgets.

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Peyman Group

Peyman Group [714] 496-8466 Mechanical Consultant Engineering in Orange County, CA Peyman Group performs Mechanical HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire-Protection, Civil, Structural Design and Construction Management for Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Educational Buildings.

"Precision is our Guideline.
Our Services yield Authentic Design.
Our Mission is Precision and Constant Improvement in our Performance to attain Client's Satisfaction, Trust and Peace of Mind!"

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