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Helpful Links For Engineer Designers

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Helpful Links For Engineer Designers Links

Helpful and cool links to ease your Design experience

             (AABC) Associated Air Balance Council

             (ABMA) American Boiler Manufacturers Association

             (ABPA) American Backflow Prevention Association

             (ACCA) Air-Conditioning Contractors of America

             (ACG) AABC Commissioning Group

             (ACI) American Concrete Institute is a technical and educational society dedicated to improving the design, construction, maintenance and repair of concrete structures

             (AEE) Association of Energy Engineers

             (AGA) American Gas Association

             (AGA) American Gas Association

             (AHAM) Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers

             (AHMA) American Hardware Manufacturers Association

             (AIA) The American Institute of Architects

             (AIM/R) Association of Independent Manufacturers Representatives

             (AISC) American Institute of Steel Construction has information, news and publications (including some free to download) for structural steel design

             (AMCA) Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc.

             (ANSI) American National Standards Institute

             (ANSI) American National Standards Institute

             (APA) The Engineered Wood Association

             (ARI) Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute

             (ASA) Acoustical Society of America

             (ASA) American Supply Association

             (ASHRAE) American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers

             (ASME) American Society of Mechanical Engineers

             (ASPE) American Society of Plumbing Engineers

             (ASSE) American Society of Sanitary Engineering

             (ASTM) American Society for Testing and Materials

             (AWS) American Welding Society

             (AWWA) American Water Works Association

             (BOMA) Building Owners and Managers Association

             (CCB) Construction Criteria Base

             (CCC) California Commissioning Collaborative

             (CDA) Copper Development Association

             (CIBSE) Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers

             (CIPH) Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating

             (Code Check) Help with Building Codes

             (CSA International) A global provider of product testing & certification services for US, Canada and countries worldwide, for electrical, plumbing, gas & mechanical products

             (CSI) Construction Specifications Institute

             (CTI) Cooling Technology Institute

             (DOE) U.S. Department of Energy

             (DSA) Division of the State Architect

             (EERE) Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

             (EIA) Energy Information Administration

             (Engineering Tool Box) Tools and Basic Information for Design, Engineering and Construction of Technical Applications

             (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency, federal regulations concerning water quality, sewage, and storm water management

             (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency

             (EPA) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

             (EPRI) Electric Power Research Institute

             (GHC) Geo Heat Center

             (GHPC) Geo Exchange, Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium

             (GSA PBS) General Services Administration Public Buildings Service

             (GSA) U.S. General Services Administration-Buildings

             (GTI) Gas Technology Institute

             (IAI) International Alliance for Interoperability

             (IAPMO) International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials

             (ICBO) International Conference of Building Officials

             (ICC Evaluation Service) Industry leader in performing technical evaluations for code compliance, providing regulators and construction professionals

             (ICC) International Code Council

             (ICC) International Code Council

             (IGSHPA) International Ground Source Heat Pump Association

             (Instructables) is the Biggest How To and DIY community where people make and share inspiring, entertaining, and useful projects, recipes, and hacks

             (ISO) International Organization for Standardization

             (LAUSD) Los Angeles Unified School District Design Guide

             (LAUSD) Los Angeles Unified School District Specifications

             (LBNL) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

             (MCAA) Mechanical Contractors Association of America

             (NAFA) National Air Filtration Association

             (NAHB) National Association of Home Builders

             (NAIMA) North American Insulation Manufacturers Association

             (NAM) National Association of Manufacturers

             (NCS BCS) National Conference of States on Building Codes & Standards

             (NEBB) National Environmental Balancing Bureau

             (NEMA) National Electrical Manufacturers Association

             (NFPA) National Fire Protection Association

             (NIA) National Insulation Association

             (NIBS) National Institute of Building Sciences

             (NIOSH) National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health

             (NIST) National Institute of Standards & Technology

             (NKBA) National Kitchen & Bath Association

             (NREL) National Renewable Energy Laboratory

             (NSC) National Safety Council

             (ORNL) Oak Ridge National Laboratory

             (OSHA) Occupational Safety and Health Administration

             (PDI) Plumbing & Drainage Institute

             (PEI) Porcelain Enamel Institute

             (PHCC-NA) Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors-National Association

             (PNNL) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

             (SMACNA) Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association, Inc.

             (SUSMP LA) Standard Urban Stormwater Mitigation Plan Application, in city of Los Angeles

             (UL) Underwriters Laboratories

             (Unit Conversion) Perform conversions between 2100 various units of measure in more than 70 categories

             (USGBC) Unite States Green Building Association

             (WQA) Water Quality Association

             ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities

             American Forest and Paper Association

             American Institute of Timber Construction

             American Iron and Steel Institute

             American Society of Civil Engineers

             American Welding Society

             American Wood Council

             AWWA Journal

    (Plumbing Fixtures)

             Ceramic Industry

             Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

             Contractor, search for home improvement projects

             Council of American Structural Engineers

             Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems, Penn State University


             DOE Building Standards & Guidelines Program

             Drinking Water & Backflow Prevention Magazine

             EPA, Information on Lead

             Grease Interceptor permit, City of Los Angeles

             How Stuff Works

             Light Gage Structural Institute

             Los Angeles County Storm Water Quality Summary Data

             Masonry Institute of America

             Metal Building Manufacturers Association

             National Concrete Masonry Association

             National Council of Structural Engineers Associations

             P&M Magazine

             Plumbing Engineer

             Plumbing Systems and Design




             PM Engineer

             Portland Cement Association

             Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute

             Reeves Journal, publication in the plumbing industry

             Society for Protective Coatings

             Steel Deck Institute

             Steel Joist Institute

             Steel Stud Manufacturers Association

             Steel Truss and Component Association

             Structural Building Components Association

             Structural Engineering Certification Board

             Structural Engineering Institute

             Supply House Times Magazine, publication serving Plumbing, Hydronic, HVAC wholesalers & distributors

             SUSMP (Tc) Time of Concentration Calculator

             SUSMP Review Sheet,  Los Angeles

             The Masonry Society

             The Wholesaler, SEARCH. News of Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Industrial Piping Distribution

             Tilt-Up Concrete Association

             Wikipedia – Free encyclopedia

             Wire Reinforcement Institute, leading source for information on structural welded wire reinforcement

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