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Peyman Group [714] 496-8466 Mechanical Consultant Engineering in Orange County, CA We provide complete Commercial planning and design for all types of commercial buildings including restaurants, laundries, shopping centers, retail Stores and office buildings.

Our design team is with you from planning and design to the construction and post construction phases of your project.

Our precise work guarantees your peace of mind, low cost, innovative design and the best equipment selection for your project. We coordinate our design step by step with all other design disciplines and help contractors to build the project sufficiently.

As a Commercial design firm, we design construction assemblies to achieve your desired objectives. We research the costs of the assemblies and make recommendations based on the construction cost, appearance, useful life, energy efficiency and maintenance costs over the lifespan of the building. Our value Engineering services include:

   Load calculation and Title 24 report,
Air conditioning systems, HVAC design,
Plumbing systems,

Site improvement such as parking, site design, planning, and public works.

Please call Peyman Group [714] 496-8466 Mechanical Consultant Engineering in Orange County, CA Peyman Group NOW to have a preliminary discussion about your commercial engineering project and immediate assistance by our experts.

The result is a state of the art Building Design that meets your construction and operating budgets.

Some sample guidelines followed by Peyman Group [714] 496-8466 Mechanical Consultant Engineering in Orange County, CA Peyman Group designers for superior design of your commercial projects are;

Factors that influence indoor air quality include:

1. Inadequate supply of outside air,

2. Contamination arising from sources within the building such as combustion products including carbon monoxide and environmental tobacco smoke or volatile organic compounds from building materials,

3. Contamination from outside the building through air intakes, infiltration, open doors and windows,

4. Microbial contamination of ventilation systems or building interiors.

Flex duct, which is used extensively in light commercial construction, has a more than 60% higher pressure drop than galvanized metal duct of the same diameter. Flex duct runs should be limited to six feet or less, when longer, runs must be used, it is vital to ensure the duct is well supported at five-foot intervals to minimize sag.

Please call us NOW to have preliminary discussion about YOUR project and immediate assistance by our experienced Commercial Engineering Experts.

Peyman Group [714] 496-8466 Mechanical Consultant Engineering in Orange County, CA Peyman Group performs Mechanical HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire-Protection, Civil, Structural Design and Construction Management for Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Educational Buildings.

"Precision is our Guideline.
Our Services yield Authentic Design.
Our Mission is Precision and Constant Improvement in our Performance to attain Client's Satisfaction, Trust and Peace of Mind!"

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