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Peyman Group [714] 496-8466 Mechanical Consultant Engineering in Orange County, CA Peyman Group designs plumbing systems according to the client's needs and complies with the current building and plumbing codes.

We provide plumbing design services, such as sizing water heating systems, sizing sump pump, and sewage ejectors, subsurface drainage design, waste and vent systems, water distribution, natural gas distribution, rainwater systems, compressed air distribution, lubricant oil distribution, grease waste systems, grease interceptor, lint interceptor, oil water separator, pumps, booster pumps, misting systems, condensate drain pump, water heaters, generating details, isometric and riser diagrams, preparing cut sheets of equipment, fixtures, and writing specifications.

Please call Peyman Group [714] 496-8466 Mechanical Consultant Engineering in Orange County, CA Peyman Group NOW to have preliminary discussion about your plumbing design project and immediate assistance by our experts.

We follow design rules and guidelines of ASPE (American Society of Plumbing Engineers) in accompany with the latest California Plumbing Code (CPC) and California Building Code (CBC) to our design to provide an adequate and cost effective design for your project.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed on different phases of your plumbing project by our precise and cost effective design.  Please contact us for initial assessment of your project.

Some sample plumbing guidelines we follow in our engineered plumbing designs are:
Design systems to be simple, durable, easy to operate and maintain, with ready accessibility for servicing, maintenance and replacement.

- Contact each utility supplier to determine the requirements for the most cost effective service connection.

 - Specify and apply plumbing fixtures comply with California State water conservation standards, and guidelines and maximum flow as follows:

            a.     Water Closets: 1.28 gpf,

            b.    Urinals: 1.0 gpf or preferably use waterless urinals,

            c.     Lavatory Faucets: 1.5 gpm,

            d.    Showers: 2.0 gpm,

            e.     Kitchen Sink Faucets: 2.0 gpm.

  • Obtain Industrial Wastewater Permits from the City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, Bureau of Sanitation - Industrial Waste Management Division for all restaurants and fat, oil, and grease generating facilities.
  • Grease lines from the following fixtures in a restaurant or cafeteria shall be connected to the grease interceptor: three compartment sinks, all hand sinks, prep sinks and mop sinks, floor drains, floor sinks within the kitchen preparation area.
  • Indicate invert elevations of new sewer lines at buildings, and locations where sewer lines join and at property lines.
  • Coordinate sewer and underground piping routing and invert elevations to clear any conflict with building structure.
  • Indicate sizes of existing utility lines on the plans.
  • Primary condensate drains from HVAC units shall be discharged into a receptor that is approved by code and the local jurisdiction in a manner that is in compliance with the code requirements
  • Size cold water piping, hot-water circulating pump and piping for water velocity not to exceed 5 feet per second for hot and 8 feet per second for cold water.
  • Provide pressure-regulating valves with strainers when street line pressure is over 80 psig to reduce pressure to approximately 80 psig.
  • Emergency shower and eye wash equipment shall be installed in the areas where eye or skin irritants exist and must comply with California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 8 - section 5162.
  • Install emergency shower within 10 seconds of hazard, on the same level as hazard and with unobstructed travel path.
  • Water delivered to emergency shower shall be tepid, almost 85F with 30 psig pressure, running constantly for at least 15 minutes.
  • Identify emergency shower location with highly visible sign and well-lighted surroundings.
Our project Engineers guarantee your satisfaction & peace of mind!

Please call us NOW to have preliminary discussion about your plumbing design project and immediate assistance by our experts.

Peyman Group [714] 496-8466 Mechanical Consultant Engineering in Orange County, CA Peyman Group performs Mechanical HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire-Protection, Civil, Structural Design and Construction Management for Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Educational Buildings.

"Precision is our Guideline.
Our Services yield Authentic Design.
Our Mission is Precision and Constant Improvement in our Performance to attain Client's Satisfaction, Trust and Peace of Mind!"

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