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Electrical Engineering Services & Design in California

Electrical Construction Documents Development Electrical Construction Documents Development (detailed design drawing, specifications) including:
    Power Distribution Systems, High, Medium, and low voltages and Emergency Power.
    Lighting Design: Interior, Exterior and Athletic Fields.
    California Title 24 Energy Compliance for Lighting Systems.
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Technology System Construction Documents Technology System Construction Documents:
    Computer Networking Systems.
    Public Address / Intercom Systems.
    Telephone / PBAX Systems.
    CCTV Systems.
    Intrusion Detection Systems.
    Sound Enhancement Systems.
    Clock Systems.
    Fire Alarm Systems.
    TV Distribution Systems.
    Audio Surveillance Systems.
    Autonomous and Assisted Listening Systems.
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Plan Check Submittals and Approvals Plan Check Submittals and Approvals.
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 Value Engineering and Cost Estimating Services Value Engineering and Cost Estimating Services.
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Expert Witness services Expert Witness services.
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LEED Compliance/Certification Services LEED Compliance/Certification Services.
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Field Survey for Existing Systems Analysis Field Survey for Existing Systems Analysis.
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Energy Management Systems Energy Management Systems.
.. . .
Control Systems Control Systems.
.. . .
Energy Analysis Energy Analysis.

Peyman Group Co - Electrical Engineering Services and Design in California - [714] 496-8466
WE Have special expertise in the following areas of design:


         Educational Facilities

         Computer and Data Processing Facilities

         Laboratory Facilities

         Industrial Facilities



         Office Buildings

         Retail Stores

         Industrial Projects

         Residential Buildings

         Title 24 Compliance and Certifications

         Building Load Analysis

         Energy Management Systems

"Precision is our Guideline.
Our Services yield Authentic Design.
Our Mission is Precision and Constant Improvement in our Performance to attain Client's Satisfaction, Trust and Peace of Mind!"

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